– Derry Journal, Monday, March 23, 1885.

The anniversary of St. Patrick’s Day, on Tuesday last, was celebrated in Lower Templecrone with the greatest enthusiasm, yet with the utmost good order and decorum. About ten o’clock a.m. the Calhame amateur fife and drum band, followed by a large procession, started for Kincasslagh Chapel.

John and Mary O’Donnell’s Shop, Calhame  Credit: Mary Kelley

On leaving Calhame, which is situated in the north-eastern part of the parish, the procession consisted of several hundreds of stalwart young men, wearing green sashes and other decorations, and as they moved along the were swelled by contingents from several townlands along the route. There were two beautiful green flags carried in the procession with large portraits of St. Patrick

Meendernasloe Banner Credit: John Boyle Estate

and Daniel O’Connell, with a sprinkling of shamrock and suitable mottoes. After Mass and benediction, the procession again formed on the strand immediately outside the chapel yard, and proceeded westward, marching round the residence of their late and lamented parish priest, Very Rev. D. O’Donnell, whose memory will be cherished in the Rosses for generations to come.

Fr. Dan O’Donnell’s residence Credit: Anna Brennan Collection

Miss Bridget Crerand, who resides at this place, and niece to the late Father O’Donnell, presented the band with a handsome gift. They next paid a visit to the residence of the curate, Rev. Father Scanlon, thence to the residence of the parish priest, Rev. B. Walker, at Burtonport, at which place the band played a selection of national airs, after which the Rev. Father Walker, who was still standing by, addressed the crowd (which by this time must contain some thousands), in very suitable language. bestowing great praise on the band, as well as on the whole procession, and at the conclusion of his address he made a presentation to the band through their leader, Mr. John O’Donnell, Calhame. 

John O’Donnell, merchant, Calhame-band leader Credit: Mary Kelley

Mr. O’Donnell, on behalf of the band, &c., in suitable terms thanked the rev. gentleman for his liberality, and encouragement towards them. After giving three hearty cheers for Father Walker and Father Scanlon, who was also present, as also for the Irish Parliamentary party, the procession again formed and marched via Acres, Meenanolobany, Cruckamore, Sheskinarone, Meenbanad, &c., &c. and back to their starting point, making a circuitous route of nearly the whole parish. They wound up by holding a ball as well for their amusement, as also for the purpose of putting the proceeds into a fund for buying equipment for the band, The band, under the direction and management of Mr. Patrick Gallagher, Calhame,

Daniel Gallagher N.T., headmaster of Mullaghduff National School and brother of Patrick Gallagher, N.T instructor of Calhame Fife and Drum in 1885. Credit: Seanscoil Mhullachdubh.

would be no discredit to some of our best provincial towns. The uniform worn by the band was specially decorated for the day by Mrs. J. O’Donnell

Mary Sweeney O’Donnell (Mrs. J. O’Donnell) in Pennsylvania after 1887. Credit: Mary Kelley

and Mr. P Gallagher, and which they did with a taste and skill that reflected great credit on them. The procession and the ball passed off without a hitch to mar the pleasant proceedings of the day. 

Calhame S.D. Band-17th March 2020. Credit: Karen M. Sharkey

Edited by Séimidh Ó Dubhthaigh (great grand nephew of John O’Donnell), St Patrick’s Day, 2020