I lately took a trip across the ocean

To the land where all my kith and kin do dwell

Back to the north of that land called Erin

And what beauty I saw there no words can tell

Back there, there’s one fair place so sweet and charming

Which nestles in the bosom of the moor

It was there I spent the carefree days of childhood

And that fair place is dear old Loughanure

How charming to stroll out there in twilight

Where the bonnie purple heather is in bloom

When the violets and bluebells adorn the valleys

And the small birds sweetly sing amid the broom

And there to view the hills so tall and stately

And the silvery lakes that nestle far below

And watch the river gently flowing seaward

Till over the falls they rush like driven snow

And then to meet the old folk in the evenings

When at their neat built cabins you may call

They’ll greet you in the rich brogue of the Irish

To the hills and glens of dear old Donegal

And its there you’ll find the faith of our forefathers

So virile strong, so old and yet so new

Its there you’ll meet with love and truest friendship

To charm and cheer the very heart of you

Now if I were asked where’in I’d spend the evening of my life

And find there peace and feel secure

I’d surely say I’d spend it in old Ireland

On the bonnie braes of dear old Loughanure

Composed by Denis Boyle Loughanure

(Dinny Chondy)